Monday, August 23, 2004

Orbeon PresentationServer released as open source

The Open Integration Suite aims at creating an open source, standard-based, business integration suite. The Orbeon Presentation Server, a platform purposely built to create SOA-friendly composite applications, is available for download. Other components of the suite to be released later this year include:
  • Orbeon Studio – an Eclipse-based IDE to develop, monitor, and administer solutions built on top of the Open Integration Suite
  • ESB – a standard-based Enterprise Service Bus
  • Orbeon XML Server – a container for XML processing services


  1. For the ESB, have a look at It already much of what you want the ESB to do. We are planning to use it for our core EAI application.

  2. Another interesting open source ESB can be found on It has no user interface yet, but it has a very nice design and solid foundation. It is also quite extensively documented using

  3. I work on a Event Plateforme that could be canditate for your ESB. Currently, there is an alpha "publication" (need doc, sample,...), but in the next 2 month, 2 applications will use it in production (2 customers : bank and industry).

    feedback are welcome.