Friday, May 20, 2005

XTech is almost there!

In just a few days I will be going to Amsterdam for the XTech 2005 conference. The topic: "XML, the Web and Beyond". It looks that this should be fun and interesting, and it's going to be difficult to choose between tracks at times!

I have a particular interest in this conference since Orbeon has been developing XML technology for years now, including the XML Pipeline Language (XPL) and an XForms implementation, both supported in Orbeon PresentationServer (OPS), our open source XML platform.

As a reminder Orbeon will not only be attending the conference: I will be doing two talks on Wednesday, May 25: one about server-side XForms technology (Are Server-Side Implementations the Future of XForms?), and a product presentation of OPS. They will both be fairly technical, but I hope to sweeten things up with some good demos!

I look forward to meeting you at XTech!

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