Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Orbeon XForms Presentation at ObjectWebCon 06 Accepted

We are excited to announce that Orbeon will be giving a technical session at ObjectWebCon 06 on January 31, 2006. The tentative abstract goes as follows:

Your Presentation Layer with XForms

With the advent of service-oriented architectures, choosing a presentation technology for web applications remains a critical decision. We show the benefits of using the XForms 1.0 standard as the core technology for the presentation layer of service-based web applications.

XForms is a W3C recommendation since late 2003 and implementations have since then matured. XForms benefits include platform agnosticism, a highly declarative approach to describing user interfaces, XML Schema-based validation, and friendliness to XML services.

After an introduction to the XForms technology, we focus on the implementation of XForms 1.0 provided by Orbeon PresentationServer 3.0, an ObjectWeb project, which leverages Ajax technologies to bring responsive user interfaces to all modern web browsers without the need for plugins. We then show how it is possible to quickly develop a web application that leverages existing services, directly or through an enterprise service bus. The presentation will feature live demonstrations.

We promise that the presentation will be very demo-oriented and will get you excited about the XForms technology and its Orbeon PresentationServer implementation!

Details about the sessions can be found on the conference's web site.

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