Sunday, February 5, 2006

Back from ObjectWebCon ‘06

Paris - La Defense

I spent two days last week at ObjectWebCon '06 in Paris, where I had the opportunity to make two presentations about XForms (a long one and a short one!) and a product demo on the ObjectWeb booth (called the "ObjectWeb Village"). The ObjectWebCon audience, even though very much into the Java middleware technology in general, responded quite well to the demos of the OPS 3.0 Ajax-based XForms engine: I had many questions and opportunities for discussions both during the presentations' Q&A sessions and offline in the hallways, which is quite a good sign!

It was nice meeting the regular ObjectWeb crowd as well as new faces, and I had the chance to attend quite a few interesting sessions, including an Analysis of the Ten Most Significant Open Source Licenses by Cliff Schmidt. Unfortunately I missed all the ESB talks, which mainly took place on Thursday.

The conference took place at the CNIT, right next to Paris's Grande Arche de la Défense, seen here in the morning. It was co-hosted with Solutions Linux, which I did not really have an chance to tour.

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