Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Orbeon in Cannes-Mandelieu for W3C face to face meetings

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I will be in Cannes-Mandelieu (south of France) next week for face to face meetings involving the W3C working groups of which we are members, namely the XForms working group and the XML Processing working group.

The XForms working group has been active for quite a long time, as it has already produced the XForms 1.0 recommendation back in 2003, and is on the verge of publishing the second edition of XForms 1.0 as an official W3C recommendation. On the other hand, the XML Processing working group has just started. For this reason, the two groups have a very different dynamic which will be very interesting to observe and interact with.

We are very happy to help making these two technologies progress, as we think they are absolutely crucial for the web.

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