Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quick Search in the User Guide with a Firefox Keyword

Using Firefox keywordsMost of the time, we use the address bar in Firefox to type the address of a web site. But we can also use it to configure Firefox or get detailed information about plugins, the cache, and other things by typing a URI that starts with "about:".

When you create a bookmark in Firefox, you can also assign a keyword to that bookmark. Typing the keyword in the address bar will take you to the corresponding bookmark location. The interesting thing is that Firefox will replace the string %s in the URL by any text that you have typed after the keyword in the address bar. Let's use this to quick searched in the PresentationServer user guide from the Firefox address bar:

  1. Right click on OPS keyword, choose Bookmark This Link, and click OK.
  2. Open the bookmarks (ctrl-b), right click the bookmark you just added, and type "ops" in the Keyword field.

That's it. Now you're looking for the documentation about the PresentationServer file serializer? Easy: just type ops file serializer in the address bar. The first link in the Google result it the one you are looking for.

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