Tuesday, May 16, 2006

XTech 2006 Week

XTech 2006 in AmsterdamXTech 2006 is going on right now in Amsterdam. As mentioned earlier, Erik will be giving a presentation on Thursday at 4:45pm entitled XForms: an alternative to Ajax?

This has been an amazing year for Ajax, and XForms has picked quite a bit of steam during this year too. On one hand, Ajax offers greatly improved UI capabilities compared to vanilla HTML and it makes a great deployment platform. On the other hand, XForms provides semantics, simplicity, and robustness. With XForms deployed on top of Ajax, we believe that those two technologies make a very complementary pair and provide a powerful, simple, and robust solution for forms and more.

We'll soon post here the slides to Erik's presentation. In the meantime you can check the slides of Steven Pemberton's presentation about XHTML2 & XForms.

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