Tuesday, June 13, 2006

FireBug: A Must-Have Firefox Extension for Web Developers

FireBug DebuggerIt looks like software developers in particular love to hate software, any software. Well, almost any: FireBug seems to be loved by everyone.

FireBug is an extension to Firefox that among other things let you explore the DOM of a web page, monitor Ajax requests, evaluate JavaScript expressions, and see all kind of errors and warning related to the page. And people have been describing FireBug as "an absolute godsend", the "greatest web developer extension out there", an "awesome", "phenomenal", and "absolutely, completely brilliant" extension.

The latest version, released in May 2006, even includes a JavaScript debugger. It does most of what the Venkman debugger does, but without the bloat. One note about the debugger: if the source page stays desperately empty for you, it may be because of conflict with another extension. In particular, I have noticed that the A9 Toolbar is causing this problem in my environment. If you are running A9 Toolbar and have this problem, solving it might be as simple as disabling the A9 Toolbar.

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