Tuesday, July 25, 2006

XForms News

W3C XForms

John Boyer (of IBM and co-chair of the W3C XForms Working Group, of which Orbeon is an active member) mentions on his blog two new publications from the XForms Working Group:

  • A new collection of errata for XForms 1.0 Second Edition was published on July 12, with welcome precisions on:

    1. The type model item property (MIP), used to validate instance data based on XML Schema datatypes.

    2. The description of the new deferred update behavior of actions. There already was a defined behavior for deferred updates, but it did not take into account that actions could trigger further events, handled in turn by new actions. The updated mechanism ensures that a smaller number of recalculations, revalidations and controls refreshes are performed even in the case of such sequences of events and actions. It also makes it easier for form developers to understand when automatic recalculations, revalidations and refreshes occur. Orbeon PresentationServer (OPS) already implements this updated mechanism.

  • A new working draft of XForms 1.1. The Working Group is working hard on XForms 1.1, the next version of XForms, with further updates to the draft planned for August and a three-day face to face meeting in September.

Stay tuned for more XForms updates over the next couple of months!

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