Thursday, August 31, 2006

Orbeon PresentationServer 3.5 Milestone 1

We released today a milestone build, Orbeon PresentationServer 3.5 Milestone 1 (OPS 3.5 M1 in short). We haven't had anything but nighly builds since OPS 3.0.1, so this was really long overdue!

What's new in OPS 3.5 M1? The answer is: a lot, particularly in the realm of XForms! Check the preliminary list of changes for more details. Also, check out the updated online examples. In particular, we have made some pretty cool changes to the detail view of the DMV Forms example.

Note that this is not a release of OPS 3.5 final: this is a step towards OPS 3.5, but since we do not yet have all the 3.5 features in we did not want to call this build "beta" just yet. We hope to produce the next stable build in about a month, hopefully a beta or even a final build. Besides bug-fixing, 3.5 final will include a reorganized example portal and directory structure that should help you get started much faster on your first XForms application.

You can get OPS 3.5 M1 from the ObjectWeb Forge. The source code is as always available from the CVS repository.

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