Monday, September 18, 2006

Back From Vacation and XForms Meetings


I am back at my desk after two weeks in Italy, dedicated in part to Alex's wedding followed by a little tour of Tuscany (Firenze, Pisa, Lucca, San Giminiano, Siena, Assisi). I actually only took seven days off work, but it feels like a bigger break than that, probably because I just had a great time and I (almost) did not touch a computer for nine days!

The last three days were dedicated to the XForms Working Group face to face meeting in Venice. We made good progress towards XForms 1.1, in particular with regards to submission (our goal for 1.1 is to make it possible to call any possible REST service). We also made some good progress on more strategic questions, which I can't detail at the moment. At any rate it was fun to meet with the group in a location as great as Venice. The next meeting will be in Amsterdam in November.

Now the fun begins again at Orbeon, with dozens of email to respond, a good number of them in ops-users. Once I am done with that, work on OPS 3.5 will resume. I will be joined again by Alex once he is back from his honeymoon.

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