Saturday, November 4, 2006

Two Weeks of XForms: Modularization, PDF, Dialogs, Working Group, and More

  • Modularizing Forms. We modularized the DMV Forms example by creating an XForms model with data and behavior strictly related to the "DMV Change of Address" form, and putting the common functionality in a common model. This is a first step towards a more generic forms application that you will be able to customize. We already have a nice and new form ready to be added to the application.

  • PDF Template Processor. We improved the PDF Template processor, with support for XPath 2.0, groups, and repetitions. It is now quite easy to produce PDF based on a PDF template. Now we need to write great documentation for it!

  • Dialogs. The xxforms:dialog extension is now in! You can create nice modal or modeless dialogs in the spirit of XForms.

  • Sorting Function. We implemented the exforms:sort() function defined by eXforms.

  • Insert and Delete Proposal. We made a proposal to the XForms WG to support copying and deleting multiple nodes at a time with xforms:insert and xforms:delete for 1.1.

  • Next XForms Face to Face Meeting. I booked my trip to Amsterdam for the November 15-17 XForms Working Group Face to Face meeting. As always, I am looking forward for us to do great work there.

  • New Public XForms 1.1 Draft. It's just out, find it here. This is a "thin" spec containing the novelties of XForms 1.1. You can judge from its size that the Working Group (and in particular our editor John Boyer) hasn't been sleeping!

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