Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year


The Orbeon team wishes you a Happy New Year!

We accomplished quite a bit in 2006:

  • We released Orbeon Forms (previously Orbeon PresentationServer) 3.0 in January. This release featured the first stable version of our brand new XForms engine based on Ajax, and the culmination of an effort that we had started in early 2005.

  • Since the 3.0 release, we have been hard at work fixing bugs, improving performance, and implementing new features, many of them sponsored by customers.

  • We helped our customers go through deployments of Orbeon Forms 3.0 and later. We thank them, as they have helped make Orbeon Forms increasingly solid!

  • We released a first milestone of Orbeon Forms 3.5 in late August.

  • We made it clearer that the platform is about web forms. In particular, we renamed it Orbeon Forms and we improved the web site's message.

So what's coming up for Orbeon Forms in 2007? That's pretty simple: our priority is to release Orbeon Forms 3.5. You can get an idea of the changes between 3.0 and 3.5 in our preliminary change log. We are still working on a few bugs and on finishing up our new tutorial and then we can go gold! Keep reading this blog to find out what will happen after that ;-)

Happy New Year again!

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