Sunday, January 21, 2007

Reminder - Orbeon at Solutions Linux / Solutions Open Source

Solutions Linux - Solutions Open Source

This is a quick reminder that we will be present at Solutions Linux / Solutions Open Source in Paris on Thursday, February 1! We will give a talk in the conference track called "Web 2.0, towards web oriented applications ?", under the title "Managing web forms interactively with XForms". Here is the abstract of the talk:

When talking about Web 2.0 technologies such as Ajax, not many think about XForms. However XForms, a W3C recommendation since 2003, is gathering momentum as the same technology that enables Google Maps also allows deploying complex but user-friendly enterprise forms to the majority of deployed web browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera) without the need for plugins or other client installation.

In this presentation, we introduce XForms technology, explain the basics of Ajax-based XForms, and show how you can use open-source software to implement end-to-end forms solutions based on standards such as XForms and XML, while using cutting-edge technology like Ajax to make your forms user-friendly and easy to deploy.

The presentation will conclude with a series of demonstrations based on open source software.

In other words, we'll show how easy it is to build form-based apps with Orbeon Forms! See you there!

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