Friday, February 16, 2007

Deploying Orbeon Forms to Liferay

Orbeon Forms has had Liferay portal support for quite a while, but it turns out that we hadn't quite done everything we could to make it easy to deploy Orbeon Forms to Liferay. So we have just done the following:

  • The Orbeon Forms WAR file (ops.war) is now built in such a way that it can deploy directly to Liferay. There is no need to create your own descriptors or configurations to get started (of course you can always customize things later).

  • There is documentation explaining how you deploy to Liferay and add an Orbeon Forms portlet in just a few steps.

The great thing about Orbeon Forms and portlets is that Orbeon Forms hides the complexity of the Portlet API to allow most Orbeon Forms applications to work unmodified within portals. Here is how one of the Orbeon Forms example applications looks in a Liferay portlet:

Orbeon Forms in Liferay

If you try deploying Orbeon Forms to other JSR-168 compliant portals, please let us know the results!


  1. Hi anyone!

    I'm using Liferay 4.3.2... I wan't to use Orbeon forms on it.. But I don't know how to integrate Orbeon Forms 3.5.1 to Liferay 4.3.2. Can anyone help me to get Idea how can I do it?


  2. Harsh,

    I recommend you post your question on the ops-users mailing list. There are number of other people using Orbeon Forms with Liferay and I think you will find useful help there. To subscribe to the ops-users mailing list send an email to and leave the subject and body of your email empty.


  3. Hi anyone!
    I'm using Liferay 5.2.3 .i want to deploy Orbeon Form Builder in Liferay. but i facing a problem when deploying it. For details please see the link :http://

    Please help me to get rid of this ... or mail me in

    Thanks in Advance,
    Praveen Kumar

  4. Hi,
    The link provided seems to be dead. Can you please update the same.

  5. Sethu,

    Here is an updated link: