Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Orbeon Forms 3.5 Final Released

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing the final release of Orbeon Forms 3.5!

Orbeon Forms is an open source forms solution that handles the complexity of forms typical of the enterprise or government. It is delivered to standard web browsers thanks to XForms and Ajax technology, with no need for client-side software or plugins.

Orbeon Forms allows you to build fully interactive forms with features that include as-you-type validation, optional and repeated sections, always up-to-date error summaries, PDF output, full internationalization, and controls like auto-completion, tabs, dialogs, trees and menus.

Orbeon Forms 3.5 features lots of enhancements over version 3.0, including:

  • The new Orbeon Forms tutorial

  • Improved client-side and server-side performance for large forms

  • Support for Safari, Opera, and Liferay portal

  • New and improved widgets including tree, menu, dialog, and background upload

  • Preliminary XForms 1.1 support

  • Numerous other enhancements and bug-fixes

The complete list of changes and is available at:


The latest example applications are online at:


You can get Orbeon Forms 3.5 from the download page:


The Orbeon team hopes you will enjoy this release!

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