Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back from XML Prague

Bording Passes

The XML Prague conference was quite pleasant. To summarize:

  • I arrived in the conference room at 9:03 AM on Saturday (it started at 9:00) after departing from California about 50 hours earlier. I have 9 different boarding passes for that trip (7 to get to Prague, plus 2 to get to Geneva, my final destination), which is a personal record. That's also probably an upper bound for the number of hours of sleep I got over the previous 65 hours.

  • I met again a few people you expect to see at every XML conference, including Norm Walsh, Eric van der Vlist (who kindly invited me to speak at the conference) and a few others.

  • I met for the first time with the eXist development team, which had an eXist workshop on the Sunday. eXist is an incredible project. We integrate it in Orbeon Forms, use it for some customer projects already, and we only hope to use it more.

  • I presented a talk entitled Application of XML pipelines. The slides are available on slideshare, although they are missing the code examples and live demos which made much of the presentation. The talk made many mentions of XForms, since much of Orbeon Forms's architecture, including the XForms engine, is supported by XML pipelines.

  • I was surprised to see how many people knew about Orbeon Forms, were using it, or were planning to use it in the future. That was very encouraging!

Thank to Petr Cimprich, the principal organizer, and to everybody who made this small but friendly conference a reality.

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