Thursday, June 28, 2007

XForms on the iPhone (and win a free Web 2.0 book!)

Every day the craze about the iPhone is getting to a new peak. Many questions about Apple's new phone has been answered during the last few weeks, except maybe one: will XForms run on the iPhone? And who will be the first to try? ;) So here is the challenge: be the first to try to access on a iPhone a form created with XForms and ran by Orbeon Forms. Let us know by posting in this blog or sending us an email at Is it working? How does it look like? Be the first to respond and we will send you a free copy of our book, Professionnal Web 2.0 Programming*. Amongst other Web 2.0 technologies covered in this book, you will find about 20 pages on XForms. Form built with XForms (running Orbeon Forms) shown on the iPhone If you want to try a relatively complex page, head for a DMV form. For your own safety, you should avoid typing that long URL while 20 people are waiting in line behind you, ready to kill you in order to get their chance to try an iPhone. So instead use, or of course follow a link from this blog post. (*) My apologies to people who are reading this and don't live in the US: the free book offer is limited to people who have a mailing address in the US.

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  1. Alex, I am sure we could extend the offer to people with a mailing address in Europe as well - but then people there are very unlikely to get their hands on an iPhone anytime soon ;-)