Wednesday, October 17, 2007

XForms evening at XML 2007

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We will speak at the XForms evening that will take place alongside the XML 2007 Conference in Boston (3-5 December 2007). The XForms evening will take place on Monday, December 3 and will feature seven 15-minute talks (we want to make sure you won't get bored). Our talk will be about XForms and eXist:

XForms and the eXist XML database: a perfect couple

XForms speaks XML natively, and so does the open source eXist XML database. In this talk, we show how they form a particularly attractive combination.

In particular, we show how the XForms 1.1 submission module, which supports REST, can be used to perform CRUD operations in eXist. We also look at how XForms can directly submit XML database queries using the powerful XQuery 1.0 language implemented by eXist. The result is an architecture where complete applications can be developed with an XForms processor and the eXist database, while relying entirely on open standards.

We conclude the presentation with live demonstrations of the XForms + eXist combination built using open source software.

We hope to see your there!


  1. I have been doing exactly this with Orbeon and eXist over the past month or two -- it's pretty refreshing to be able to put together reasonably complex configuration forms and other bits of UI without any code at all on the back-end...

  2. eXist and Orbeon (XForms) are indeed the perfect couple, it allows to easily develop document version independent applications. I've given them kudos: