Monday, June 8, 2009

The state of Orbeon Forms, Part 4

Bookshelf Form

Here is a summary of the Orbeon Forms developments for April/May 2009:

1. Orbeon Forms release

2. Form Builder and Form Runner

  • Improved Form Builder layout. Form Builder now uses a top/left/bottom/center layout and has better WYSIWYG support.

  • Form Builder toolbox. Controls are now grouped better and their configuration in groups is more flexible.

  • Form Runner summary page improvements. The summary page includes checkboxes for document selection. You simply click on a document to open it.

  • Form Runner TYPO3 extension. The TYPO3 extension for Form Runner is now available on

  • Documentation. We are actively working on the Form Builder User Guide!

3. XForms engine improvements

  • HTML area control. It now does server-side HTML cleanup which improves security and avoids tag soup HTML.

  • Date control. The date parsing algorithm to convert a two-digits year into a full year is improved. There is now a property to setup the date picker to show two months at a time. Finally, <xforms:input> bound to an xs:date or xs:dateTime now supports entering dates in the European format.

  • Sorting. exforms:sort() now properly supports XForms XPath functions and variables within the sorting expression.

  • "In-place input" XBL component. This new XBL component can be used like a regular input simply by writing <fr:inplace-input> instead of <xforms:input>. See how the component is written.

  • XBL support. We added xbl:handler, xbl:implementation, fixed bugs, and improved the documentation.

4. XForms tips from our scratchpad

5. Testing

  • Client-side tests. See all the client-side unit tests run in this screencast. It uses the great YUI Test framework.

  • More and better tests. We have more client- and server-side unit tests, and all client-side unit tests are running on IE6 as well!

That's it for today. Enjoy!

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