Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The state of Orbeon Forms, Part 6

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Here is a summary of the Orbeon Forms developments for August/September 2009:

1. News

  • XForms 1.1 went to W3C Proposed Recommendation. Further, XForms 1.1 is currently transitioning to full Recommendation. It took years to get there, but it was worth it: XForms 1.1 is a major improvement over XForms 1.0. We can now look forward to XForms 1.2 and XForms 2.0!

2. Form Builder and Form Runner

3. XForms engine improvements

  • Refresh events. We massively improved XForms refresh events (currently on the development branch). The wiki contains a description of these changes.

  • Id resolution algorithm. Proper id resolution within repeats per XForms 1.1 is in!

  • XBL id and XPath resolution. We have implemented (currently on the development branch) much improved handling of identifiers and XPath context within XBL components.

  • XForms variables improvements and documentation. We added the nested xxforms:sequence element and improved the documentation on XForms variables.

  • Date picker navigation. The date picker for input bound to nodes of types xs:date/xs:dateTime now provides previous/next year navigation.

  • Improved controls HTML layout. We made good progress on improved HTML layout for XForms controls.

  • Finer-grained logging. We made changes to allow for finer-grained XForms logging. See the documentation on the wiki.

4. Orbeon Forms tips

5. Cool links from Balisage

That’s it for today. Enjoy!

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