Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The state of Orbeon Forms, Part 7

Here is a summary of the Orbeon Forms developments for October/November 2009:
  1. Next release

    • Orbeon Forms 3.7.2 is almost ready. Nightly builds are quite stable and we are almost ready to release!
  2. Web site and demos

  3. Orbeon Forms components

    • New reCAPTCHA XBL component. This a reusable CAPTCHA component based on the reCAPTCHA API. It was implemented in record time thanks to our support for XBL components.
    • Improved autocomplete control. The autocomplete control has been enhanced to make a distinction between item label and value.
    • Reusable Error Summary component. Our Error Summary feature is now a fully reusable component.
    • New Alert Dialog component. The alert dialog allows you to build simple dialogs for those cases where you need to inform users of something that happened, or ask a question which can be answered by a yes or a no.
  4. Other Orbeon Forms bug-fixes and enhancements

  5. XForm specification

    • XForms 1.1 is a W3C Recommendation. On October 20, and after years of hard work, XForms 1.1 has become a full recommendation! Check the testimonials of member companies. Check also Kurt Cagle's "The Key XForms Enhancements in Version 1.1".
    • XForms Working Group face to face meeting. In early November, we had a face to face meeting in California. We made good progress on XForms 1.2/2.0 features such as custom XPath functions, improved UI events, and even discussed the topic of components.
  6. Documentation, how-tos, and examples

  7. Misc

    • eXist's Wolfgang  Meier on FLOSS Weekly. Check this podcast interview of Wolfgang, the main developer of the eXist XML database that we ship with Orbeon Forms.



  1. Great Work ! guys..
    could you guys can tell me how to deploy Orbeon Form runner/Form Builder it in a Liferay 5.2.3 portal

  2. narveen - i am having the same issue. deployed successfully in liferay 5.2.3, can create forms and run them, but how on earth do you make the forms you create in Form Builder visible in a portlet? i can't find any documentation on this.