Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out of the box sample data for the demo forms

Orbeon Forms comes with several demonstration forms, including the Bookshelf, Contact, and DMV-14 forms.

When you download recent builds of Orbeon Forms, you will notice that there is now sample data in these forms out of the box, especially the Bookshelf form.

How is this done? Orbeon Forms ships with an embedded eXist XML database.

  • Outside the build process:
    • We enter sample data into a locally deployed eXist database.
    • Then, with the eXist ant tasks, we export this data to disk, into a hierarchical structure committed alongside the source code in git.
  • As part of the build process:
And presto, by default when you start Orbeon Forms the database includes the sample data.

Bookshelf form with sample data

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