Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Calling REST or Web Services from Form Builder

Sample data returned by a service, displayed in a form
For the longest time, you could within Form Builder setup services to be called, without having to write one single line of code. For instance:
  • You want to call a service every time the form is loaded; the service returns data, which you use to pre-populate some of the fields in the form.
  • Or, users enter data in a field of the form, say an order number. When that happens, you want to call a service, passing that order number to the service, and want to use the data returned by the service to pre-populate other fields in the form.
You can do all this with Form Builder, without writing one single line of code. The documentation for this feature was deep down into the Form Builder User Guide, and the UI is at the very bottom of the left sidebar, inside Services & Actions. Consequently a lot of people didn't know that this feature existed, and when they did, they often were unsure how to use it. You can now learn more about it in the step by step How to Call a Service Passing a Field Value.

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