Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TinyMCE control now in Form Builder, with HTML cleanup

Back in February, we were telling you about the new TinyMCE component. Since then, we have made a couple of important improvements to this component:
  1. It is now used in Form Builder when you insert an HTML text control, instead of the YUI RTE. The screenshot below shows what the TinyMCE control looks like now in Form Builder. (Doesn't it look exactly like the actual TinyMCE control? It does, because it is the actual TinyMCE control running there in Form Builder.)

  2. The TinyMCE component now does automatic HTML cleanup. This avoid having a tag soup in your data, and, more importantly, improves security by preventing XSS attacks. As a bonus, the code doing the tag soup parsing is now available in a processor: the TagSoup processor.

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