Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Run modes

Recently, we implemented support for run modes in Orbeon Forms.

The idea is not new and it comes down to this: sometimes you want to run Orbeon Forms with development settings, and sometimes with production settings.

So far, to achieve this, you had to play with your properties-local.xml file, either commenting and uncommenting properties, or maybe switching between property files.

Now, you can simply change your run mode in web.xml. You can still use the good old properties-local.xml, which impacts all modes, but you can also use the new properties-local-prod.xml and properties-local-dev.xml, which are used depending on the mode.

Orbeon Forms also comes out of the box with slightly different settings depending on the run mode, including:

  • whether exceptions are shown to the user
  • whether JavaScript and CSS resources are combined and minimized

Oh, and the feature is implemented in a simple and beautiful way by selecting different internal property files, which in turn include different secondary files. That's just a few lines of code, the rest being toying with property files.

We hope you find this useful! For the specifics, see the documentation.

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