Monday, July 9, 2012

Orbeon Forms 4.0 M6

Today we released Orbeon Forms 4.0 M6 (Milestone 6). Like 4.0 M5 and the previous milestones this is not a final release.

We have addressed quite a number of issues in this build, in particular:
  • Form Builder
    • FB: Dirty/validation don't work anymore (#114)
    • FB: Form dirty just after publish (#116)
    • Expand cell over existing control doesn't expand after confirmation (#191)
    • Default value XPath error shows error dialog in dev mode (#337)
    • xxf:dynamic NPE with update of XBL with models (#360)
  • Form Runner
    • Noscript: character encoding when switching pages (#49)
    • Unauthorized when trying to use import feature (#173)
    • Error in persistence layer is not propagated to the UI (#140)
    • Error page still shows after correcting persistence layer error (#356)
    • Don't redirect to /edit if there was an error saving
    • Don't load source form unnecessarily (827760e524)
  • XForms engine
    • Fix NPE upon error in 2-pass submissions (ea9429cd83)
  • Other
    • PFC: Add unauthorized-handler support
    • SQL Processor: NPE in ValueOfCopyOfInterpreter (#349)
    • SQL Processor: exception when writing xs:base64Binary with sql-type="blob" (#350)
In short things are coming along and being more and more polished. Under the hood this build also includes quite a bit of refactoring.

We have decided to temporarily disable the Form Builder Custom XML feature in this build. We might push this to after the 4.0 release for reasons of schedule.

More information is available in the in-progress release notes for 4.0.

You can download the builds using these links:
Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

Please send feedback preferably to the ops-users list or via twitter (if short!), or feel free to comment on this blog entry if appropriate.

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