Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Orbeon Forms 4.0 M9

Today we released Orbeon Forms 4.0 M9 (Milestone 9). Like 4.0 M8 and the previous milestones this is not a final release.

We have addressed the following issues in this build:
  • Form Runner
    • Not found error with noscript error summary (#405)
    • Summary page: form title/description no longer shown (#408)
    • Error summary uses improved "visited" mechanism
    • Fix email sending for binds using ref attributes
    • Windows only: upload is not working (#414)
  • Form Builder
    • Disable unpolished keyboard shortcuts (#407)
    • Windows only: upload is not working (#414)
    • Renamed repeat loses ability to set min/max (#417)
  • XForms engine
    • XHTML output contains redundant xmlns="…" attributes (#400)
    • XHTML output: JavaScript error with loading indicator (#403)
    • Date and time formats don't take language into consideration (#409)
    • Namespace interference with xs:* (#331)
  • Other
    • XIncludeProcessor outputs redundant namespaces (#402)
    • Build: remove dependence on com.sun.image.codec.jpeg (#326)
More information is available in the in-progress release notes for 4.0.

You can download the builds using these links:
Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

Please send feedback preferably to the ops-users list or via twitter (if short!), or feel free to comment on this blog entry if appropriate.

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