Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How many controls?

Orbeon Forms 4.0 comes with a new Form Settings dialog (which you open from the top right of the builder), where you can change the form's application and form names, as well as update its title and description.

In addition to the form's basic information, we have added a Form Statistics section, which tells you how many items you have in your form:
  • sections
  • repeats
  • grids
  • section templates
  • controls
  • total
This allows you to gauge the complexity of your form at a quick glance. We hope you like it!


  1. For an even better complexity analysis, you could also consider execution time of XPath expressions and size of instances as it appears that those informations are very useful with XSLTForms.


  2. Thanks for the suggestions. We picked a low-hanging fruit here. I am thinking that we could also add the number of XPath expressions on binds, for example.