Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Orbeon Forms 4.0 M15

Today we released Orbeon Forms 4.0 M15 (Milestone 15). Like 4.0 M14 and the previous milestones this is not a final release.

In M15, we have decided to address a number of smaller issues, including a lot of polishing:
  • Form Builder
    • Section help doesn't save (#552)
    • Don't show icons to add column when adding will have no effect (#550)
    • Don't show global templates when editing orbeon/library (#567)
    • Don't show acme app templates when editing acme/library (#573)
    • Build includes sample section templates (bee71ee5ca)
    • FB toolbox improvements (1e017fda6a)
      • improved grouping
      • a few improved icons
      • smaller legends
    • Toolbox and services/actions improvements (dd953f338a)
      • improve toolbox buttons width, padding, etc.
      • remove unneeded CSS
      • we don't properly rename services so disallow editing name
      • Delete button is now in dialogs
      • fixed consistency issues between dialogs
      • don't use icons in dialog buttons
    • I18n New Repeat label in toolbox (041137f750)
    • Disable Save As button in Form Builder (#556)
    • Increase minimal Internet Explorer version for Form Builder to IE 9
  • Form Runner
    • FR: noscript: link buttons at top are not right (#476)
    • FR: noscript: section titles have wrong color (#475)
    • Make XML Schema service a PE feature (#450)
    • Review mode: multiple-row repeated grid appears funny (#206)
    • Regression: ClassNotFound in Form Runner server with proxy portlet (#558)
  • XForms engine
    • Absolute ids should not accidentally leak to users (#551)
    • Autocomplete: selecting a value with a single quote in it populates the field with " (#557)
  • Other
    • Exceptions don't show in UI in dev mode (#554)
More information is available in the in-progress release notes for 4.0.

You can download the builds using these links:
Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

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