Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Form Runner Wizard View

One of the cool new features of Orbeon Forms 4.0 is the wizard view.

By default with Form Runner all the form sections appear in the same page, on top of each other. If your form is large that means that you have to scroll to fill out the entire form.

With the wizard view, top-level sections instead appear in a navigation area to the left, and only a single top-level section is shown at any given time.

You can navigate between sections by clicking on a section title, or you can use the navigation arrows.

Errors on your form appear at the bottom as usual, and sections that contain errors are highlighted in red. If you click on an error you are taken directly to the section and control containing the error.

The wizard view is optional - you can use the regular view instead, and you can enable this view per form, per app, or globally with a property:
We hope you enjoy this new feature!

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