Monday, May 6, 2013

Orbeon Forms 4.2 M1

Today we released Orbeon Forms 4.2 M1, a milestone build for the upcoming Orbeon Forms 4.2 release. This is not a stable release.

This release contains the following new features:
  • Form Builder
    • Ability to enter HTML labels in checkboxes and radio buttons itemsets.
  • Form Runner
    • More powerful buttons which allow specifying simple sequential processes to execute when the user presses a button (see this blog post).
    • Wizard view improvements including more flexible buttons placement.
Here is the complete list of changes since Orbeon Forms 4.1:
  • Form Builder
    • FB: Ability to enter HTML labels in checkboxes and radio buttons itemsets (#965)
    • FB: Test mode shows warning icon (#883)
    • Move/nicer "Edit Itemset" icon (#662)
  • Form Runner
    • Universal send button (#885)
    • Wizard: support navigation buttons alongside other buttons (#937)
    • Wizard: scroll to section top when changing sections (#964)
    • Wizard: option to place buttons under section (#958)
    • Property to configure the start date in the dropdown-date control (#954)
    • Localize dropdown-date in French (#955)
    • attachment.xbl hardcodes "Download" string (#949)
    • Proxy portlet header forwarding must not change header case (#891)
    • Move status icons to navbar (576bff4598)
    • Compatibility note: Alfresco support is removed in this version. If you have any interest, please contact us!
  • XForms engine
    • YUI wait_mask keeps being added (#957)
    • NPE in XFormsModelSchemaValidator on second page load (#951)
    • xxf:get-request-header('User-Agent') returning an empty sequence (#926)
    • XBL: share readonly inline instances (#969)
    • XPath dependencies: support AVT analysis (#972)
    • XPath dependencies: xxf:lang() and xxf:format-message() (69dfe25bb8)
    • xxf:r() function (#970)
    • Seeing message on the console: "Warning: Comparison of xs:untypedAtomic? to xs:integer will fail unless the first operand is empty" (#975)
    • Support xxf:expose-xpath-types on per-instance basis (3db9fb1510)
    • Lightweight syntax for HTML item labels (#945)
You can download the builds using these links:
Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

Please send feedback:


  1. Please do not remove alfresco support, I've moved to orbeon also for alfresco integration!
    I'd expect a better integration and not removing it!

    regards Carmine

  2. Support for sending to Alfresco had not been tested at all with 4.0 and there did not seem to be any interest, hence our discussion. Did you have any success integrating with Alfresco with 4.x?

  3. My project started on a 3.9 version and I'm now running 4.1, I tested it
    in 3.9 and was now creating other parts of my project.
    Erik, I undertand your idea, but after 6 months of troubles and new learnings this cut my legs!! I'll test it next Monday on 4.1 .


  4. Hopefully we can find a solution. We might need your help to restore Alfresco support in 4.3 if that makes sense. Please let us know if you have any success with 4.1.

  5. Good evening Erik,
    I've tested now the funtcionalty.
    It works, writes both xml and pdf on alfresco 4.0.e when I press the workflow-send button.
    the strange thing is I get :

    Not Found
    Oops, the page requested was not found!

    after it wrote all in alfresco

  6. Maybe because it's trying to navigate to a success page via, which maybe doesn't exist.

    I have added an issue to restore Alfresco support in 4.3:

  7. Hi all, I hope the Orbeon staff is able to restore the Alfresco support. I'm starting a new project composed by Liferay, Orbeon and Alfresco !!

    Thank you in advance,
    Ivano Carrara

  8. Hi guys,
    Just help me to solve my problem.
    i am not able to store the forms in mysql using orbeon form builder.

  9. Muthu Kumar, please post your question on the discussion formum (, making sure you provide enough information. Also, Orbeon Forms 4.3.1 is now available.