Thursday, May 30, 2013

Orbeon Forms 4.2

Today we released Orbeon Forms 4.2!

The defining feature of Orbeon Forms 4.2 is support for more powerful Form Runner buttons. Buttons can now be configured in a much more flexible way to trigger simple sequential processes to execute when the user presses a button. See the blog post for an introduction to this feature and the documentation for more in-depth details.

In addition, we introduce the following new features since Orbeon Forms 4.1:
  • Form Builder
    • More HTML labels. You can now enter HTML in the labels of checkboxes and radio buttons in the Edit Choices dialog (Orbeon Forms 4.1 introduced this ability for control labels and hints).
  • Form Runner
    • Improved attachment control. The "cancel" button works more promptly, user messages and error handling are improved, and the control is now localized in French.
    • Wizard view. Small improvements including more flexible buttons placement.
    • Dropdown-date control. There is a new property to configure the start date in the fr:dropdown-date control and the control is now localized in French.
  • XForms engine
    • Upload. We implemented many improvements to the xf:upload control, including a more efficient way to interrupt ongoing uploads and support for the new xxforms-upload-error event (documentation). We also documented the existing upload events: xxforms-upload-startxxforms-upload-cancel and xxforms-upload-done (documentation).
    • Internationalization. The new xxf:r() function (blog post, documentation) makes it easier to access resources for the current language, and readonly XBL components resources are now shared in memory for more efficiency.
    • New xxf:get-request-method() function. This XPath function allows you to get the current HTTP method. It adds to the existing functions to get request parameters, headers, and attributes (documentation).
    • New xxf:get-portlet-mode() and xxf:get-window-state() functions. These functions provide access to the portlet mode and window state when running in a portal with the full portlet.
Here is the complete list of changes since Orbeon Forms 4.1:
  • Form Builder
    • FB: Ability to enter HTML labels in checkboxes and radio buttons itemsets (#965)
    • FB: Test mode shows warning icon (#883)
    • Move/nicer "Edit Itemset" icon (#662)
    • FB: Users with access to one app can't get past the initial dialog (#1006)
  • Form Runner
    • Universal send button (#885)
    • Wizard: support navigation buttons alongside other buttons (#937)
    • Wizard: scroll to section top when changing sections (#964)
    • Wizard: option to place buttons under section (#958)
    • Property to configure the start date in the dropdown-date control (#954)
    • Localize dropdown-date in French (#955)
    • attachment.xbl hardcodes "Download" string (#949)
    • Proxy portlet header forwarding must not change header case (#891)
    • Full portlet: PDF output fails (#882)
    • Move status icons to navbar (576bff4598)
    • PDF URL sent after first time (#948)
    • With PDF template, and barcode enabled, PDF generation fails (#1004)
    • PDF: font pitch and size are incorrectly updated in group (#1007)
    • DMV-14: use wizard view (8eee39bf3e)
    • Upload: FR must show informational/error messages (#1010)
    • Full portlet: Saving image attachment fails (#1038)
  • XForms engine
    • YUI wait_mask keeps being added (#957)
    • NPE in XFormsModelSchemaValidator on second page load (#951)
    • xxf:get-request-header('User-Agent') returning an empty sequence (#926)
    • XBL: share readonly inline instances (#969)
    • XPath dependencies: support AVT analysis (#972)
    • XPath dependencies: xxf:lang() and xxf:format-message() (69dfe25bb8)
    • xxf:r() function (#970)
    • Seeing message on the console: "Warning: Comparison of xs:untypedAtomic? to xs:integer will fail unless the first operand is empty" (#975)
    • Support xxf:expose-xpath-types on per-instance basis (3db9fb1510)
    • Lightweight syntax for HTML item labels (#945)
    • Upload: spinner shows over dialog for a while (#962)
    • Upload: temp file not deleted when user clears field (#983)
    • Upload: better way to interrupt upload from server (#985)
    • Upload: show message if upload fails (#1013)
    • Improve upload appearance with Firefox (2a3a7132fb)
    • JavaScript error when canceling upload (#999)
    • New xxf:get-request-method() function (#986)
    • Month/date date incorrectly parsed (#998)
    • New xxforms-upload-error event (f5365e55cb) (documentation)
    • Add xxf:get-portlet-mode()/xxf:get-window-state() (c70e342707)
    • `orbeon` class not added when going through XForms filter or when using theme-plain.xsl (#877)
NOTE: Alfresco support is removed in this version. Based on feedback, we hope to restore it for Orbeon Forms 4.3 (see #987).

You can download the latest version of Orbeon Forms from the downloads page.

Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

We hope you enjoy this release!

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