Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New image annotation control

With Form Builder, you can easily design forms that take file attachments:
  1. Add a file attachment control to your form, for instance to allow users to attach a supporting document such as a PDF or Word document.
  2. If the file users need to attach is a picture, use the image attachment control, and users will be able to see the image they uploaded in the form.
  3. And in Orbeon Forms 4.3 (soon to be released, at the time of this writing), we added an image annotation control: 

When filling out a form with an image annotation control, you start by selecting an image, and you can then write text and draw simple shapes on top of that image. The control stores the image separately from the annotations, so you can always erase part of or all of the drawing you made. We think that our customers in certain verticals, like healthcare (e.g. medical imaging) and governments (e.g. documentation for construction or remodeling permits), will find this control especially useful.

Our thanks go to Rob (@websanova), the author of the wPaint jQuery plugin, which we use for this control.

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