Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Repeated sections

In addition to repeated grid rows, Form Builder and Form Runner now support repeated section content.

Repeating section content is very similar to repeating a group of grid rows, except that the entire section content can be repeated. This includes nested grids and subsections.

You enable content repetition in the Section Settings dialog for the section. Like for repeated grid settings, you can select the minimum and maximum number of repetitions. In addition, you can opt to configure a custom iteration name, which only impact the format of the data. In general, you shouldn't need to change this setting.

Repeated Section Content Settings

At design time as well as design time, a section with repeated content appears with an arrow button next to each iteration, which allows you to insert, move, and delete iterations.

Repeated Section at Runtime
We hope you enjoy this new feature, which will be available in Orbeon Forms 4.5!

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  1. This is the most exciting feature! I was just about to request this, when will Orbeon Forms 4.5 be done? this is literally the last piece of the puzzle before I can use Orbeon Forms to replace infopath!!! Please tell me it's soon :) I have notify-me checked!

  2. Yes it should be soon. We are fixing the known issues for 4.5, then testing. It might be, we hope, before the end of February, unless we hit difficult blockers.

  3. And we are happy to see that you are looking forward to it, and that you do plan to move from Infopath :)