Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Choices editor improvements

Orbeon Forms 4.5 introduces two features related to repeated content, discussed in other posts:

Work on these enhancements also benefits the Form Builder Choices editor [1], and you can now reorder choices and have control over where to insert new ones:

Reordering choices
Reordering choices

In addition, you can now easily switch between the form’s languages directly in the Choices editor, instead of having to close it, switch languages, and come back. This makes localization easier! [2]

These enhancements will be available in Orbeon Forms 4.5.

  1. Which allows you to edit the choices for dropdown menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, and other selection controls.  ↩

  2. This feature was available in Orbeon Forms 3.9 but had gotten lost on the way to 4.0!  ↩

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