Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Orbeon Forms 4.5.1

Today we released Orbeon Forms 4.5.1 PE. This is a bug-fix update for Orbeon Forms PE only. We recommend this update for all Orbeon Forms 4.5 users. For more details about the 4.5 release in general, see Orbeon Forms 4.5.

This release includes the following fixes:
  • Form Builder
    • Control/section settings add empty class attribute (#1659)
    • FB: Dropdown has duplicate empty item if not "[Select...]" (#1708)
  • Form Runner
    • Caching of form definition is influenced by document id (#1681)
    • Make substring search case insensitive with MySQL (#1608)
    • If you're using MySQL 4.5, and the data in your summary page looks garbled, you should follow these instructions ((#1607)).
    • Wizard misses gray border (#1666)
    • PDF: Misaligned required checkboxes/radio buttons (#1677)
    • PDF attached to email has missing checkboxes (#1682)
    • Some forms fail to load and show empty (#1687)
  • XForms
    • Error when referring to nested bind with a variable (#1662)
    • Assertion error when xf:output used in XBL LHHA (#1707)
    • JavaScript error when opening help for control with no label (#1713
You can download the latest version of Orbeon Forms from the downloads page.
    Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

    Please send feedback:
    We hope you enjoy this release!

    Monday, May 12, 2014

    Inline property values

    A small change coming in Orbeon Forms 4.6 is the ability to set inline configuration property values.
    Orbeon Forms uses properties for a lot of its configuration. For example, to set which standard buttons appear in a form:
      value="refresh pdf wizard-prev wizard-next review"/>
    When a property value is not too long, and using proper indentation, this format is acceptable. But some property values are longer or require multiple lines, and placing them in an XML attribute becomes less than ideal.
    So starting with Orbeon Forms 4.6 you can place long property values inline instead. For example the following is identical to the above:
    <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.detail.buttons.orbeon.controls">
        refresh pdf wizard-prev wizard-next review
    This is even better for multi-line properties, such as the whitespace stripping configuration:
    <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.xforms.whitespace.html.preserve">
    or simple processes associated with buttons:
    <property as="xs:string" name="oxf.fr.detail.process.save-final.*.*">
        then validate-all
        then save
        then success-message("save-success")
        recover error-message("database-error")
    or the Form Builder toolbox configuration:
    <property as="xs:string"  name="oxf.fb.toolbox.group.typed.uri.*.*">
    See the documentation for more on configuration properties.

    Monday, May 5, 2014

    SQL Server support in Orbeon Forms

    Starting with version 4.6, Orbeon Forms will support SQL Server. This is in addition to Oracle, MySQL, and DB2, which have been supported for a while now.

    Adding support for SQL Server was not as large an endeavor as one might think, this mostly thanks to the work we have done in 2013 to have one unified implementation of the persistence API for all relational databases. Having a unified implementation helps not only with supporting additional databases, but also creates cross-pollination between databases: an improvement we make for a specific database, is very likely to also improve things for all the other supported databases.

    For more on this, see how to create the tables in your SQL Server for Orbeon Forms, and how to setup your app server running Orbeon Forms with SQL Server.