Monday, June 9, 2014

Improved Form Runner Home page usability

Orbeon Forms 4.6 improves the performance and usability of the Form Runner Home page.

The Form Runner Home page
The Form Runner Home page

As a reminder, the Form Runner home page has two purposes:

  • For regular users, it is a start page which lists the forms available to the user and allows navigation to the Summary or New page.
  • For administrators, it provides a range of administrative functions such as publish/unpublish, moving forms to a remote server, and more.

Recently, while using the Home Page with databases containing large numbers of published forms, we noticed performance issues, especially when loading form definition metadata from both a local and a remote server. So we fixed the following for Orbeon Forms 4.6:

  • We made joining local and remote form metadata much faster.
  • We addressed a few inefficiencies common to all databases.
  • We made retrieval of form metadata much faster with the Oracle database (which should help with other relational databases as well).
  • We added paged navigation to make the HTML page smaller and faster.

With these changes, the Home page shows good responsiveness even with hundreds or a few thousands of published form definitions!

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