Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Embedding support in Orbeon Forms 4.7

So far there have been a couple of ways to integrate Orbeon Forms with existing applications:
  • Side by side: linking or posting data from other applications to Orbeon Forms pages, and linking or posting data from Orbeon Forms to other applications.
  • Embedded in a portal: using the full portlet or the proxy portlet within Liferay.
Orbeon Forms 4.7 introduces a new way to integrate forms within Java (and other Java Virtual Machine-based languages) applications: server-side embedding.

Your application simply includes a small JAR file, adds some configuration parameters, and then each page which needs to embed a form simply calls the API to tell which form to embed. You control where in your page the form must show, which means that your page can include your own header, footer, sidebars, and other content in addition to the form.

A form embedded in a simple page with a top banner
See the documentation for more details.

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