Monday, December 1, 2014

Orbeon Forms 4.7.1

Today we released Orbeon Forms 4.7.1 PE. This update to Orbeon Forms 4.7 PE contains bug-fixes, security fixes, performance improvements, and localization improvements. We recommend this update for all Orbeon Forms 4.7 PE users.

Specifically, this release addresses the following issues:
  • Form Builder
    • Renaming an action duplicates it (#1913)
    • FB user sees all forms in summary page if role is not found (#1963)
    • Test mode: Validate button shows instead of inner buttons (#2002)
    • Publish: document parameter value is not encoded (#1985)
    • Exception when calling dataMaybeMigratedTo() (#1986)
    • FB: Keyboard focus is not on first dropdown when present upon new (#2010)
  • Form Runner
    • Automatic PDF performance improvements
      • Requests for resources must be internal (#1995)
      • Don't store XForms document in cache (#1999)
      • Automatic PDF output should cache images (#1996)
    • Other automatic PDF improvements
      • Grid rows without visible controls must not take space (#2004)
      • Page number/count loses alignment if form title is too long (#2005)
      • Don't let long title wrap in header or footer (#2006)
      • Show form logo on PDF header (#2007)
      • Textarea content must wrap (#2008)
    • PDF templates improvements
      • Automatically decide whether to use label or value (#736)
      • Non-boolean checkboxes don't work (#1987)
      • fr:number is always blank (#1955)
      • fr:xforms-inspector causes PDF template error (#1949)
    • XVT not evaluated for `uri` in `send` action (#1972)
    • xxf:itemset() not working anymore now that we use fr:dropdown-select1 (#1856)
    • Add a few missing Swedish resources
  • XForms
    • Incorrect check on headers in Connection (#1933)
    • Error dialog not working (#1938)
    • Don't log full stack trace of session expiration messages (#1979)
    • Serializer not to filter elements in no namespace (#1981)
    • Default value for Dynamic Data Dropdown is lost when pasting form source (#1962)
You can download the latest version of Orbeon Forms from the downloads page.
    Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

    Please send feedback:
    We hope you enjoy this release!

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