Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Orbeon Forms 4.10

Today we released Orbeon Forms 4.10! The main user-visible feature is the introduction of responsive design for mobile devices such as smartphones. Form Builder also gets some nice enhancements.

Major features and enhancements
  • Form Builder
    • Control appearance switcher. Form Builder now features a general-purpose mechanism to switch between control appearances: this allows for example switching between a dropdown menu and radio buttons, adding a character counter to your fields, and more, with just one click! (blogdoc)
    • Maximum and minimum length validations. This release introduces the notion of common constraints. These are validation constraints which can be enabled via the Form Builder user interface without writing formulas by hand. As a first step, we introduce maximum length and minimum length constraints. (blogdoc)
    • Integration. You can now open the Form Builder "New" page with URL parameters which skip the initial dialog. (doc)
  • Form Runner
    • Responsive design for mobile. The Form Runner detail page now features a single-column layout on smaller devices. This also supports the Wizard view. (blogdoc)
    • Accessibility improvements. Output fields use HTML labels. (#1243)
    • Option to show a "character counter" next to a field. This new option for input fields, password fields and text areas displays a character counter next to the field, showing the current number of characters, or, if a maximum length is set, the number of remaining or extra characters. (docblog)
    • Section templates fixes. 
      • Fix execution of actions upon section templates load. (#2233)
      • Fix sending of email recipients, subjects and attachments in section templates (#2016)
    • Form Runner Home page.
      • Don't ask user for credentials more than once. (#2276)
      • Fix refresh of remote server  data when more than one remote server is configured. (#2274)
  • XForms
    • New validation functions. There are two new functions: xxf:max-length() and xxf:min-length(). (doc)

See Localizing Orbeon Forms for the latest localization support. Localization depends on volunteers, so please let us know if you want to help!

Other new features and bug-fixes

Including the major features and enhancements above, we closed over 60 issues since Orbeon Forms 4.9.
    Current browser support
    • Form Builder (creating forms)
      • Chrome 44 (latest stable version) and Chrome 46 dev (current dev channel)
      • Firefox 40 (latest  stable version) and the current Firefox ESR
      • IE 11
      • Safari 8
      • Form Runner (accessing form)
        • All browsers supported by Form Builder (see above)
        • IE8, IE9 and IE10
        • Safari Mobile on iOS 7 and iOS 8
        • Chrome for Android (stable channel)
      Compatibility notes
      • XBL event handlers.
        • Until this version, it was possible for event handlers to listen for events on a different XBL scope. This was not desirable and is removed in this version. Custom XBL components which rely on this will need to be updated. (#243)
      You can download the latest version of Orbeon Forms from the downloads page.
        Don't forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

        Please send feedback:
        We hope you enjoy this release!

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