Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Versioning comments

When using a relational database, Orbeon Forms supports versioning of form definitions.

This means that you can publish multiple versions of a form known by its name (like the “ACME Order Form”). Data captured by, say, version 1 of the form can be viewed and edited with that version of the form, and data captured by version 2 of the form can be viewed and edited with that other version of the form, even if version 2 of the forms contains, for example, some additional fields. [1]

With Orbeon Forms 2016.2, we added the ability for the form author to add a comment associated with a given version of the form definition.

Why add a comment? A good reason is to include information about why that specific version of the form was created. The comment for the first version might just say “Original version of the form”, or remain empty. But the second version could include a descriptive comments of the changes introduced, such as “Added purchase order field”.

You optionally set your comment when publishing from Form Builder: [2]

If you choose to overwrite an existing version of a form definition upon publishing, the comment associated with that published version is loaded and you can decide to keep it as is or update it with new information:

We hope you will find this feature useful! It is available in Orbeon Forms 2016.2.

  1. For more on form definition versioning, see:  ↩

  2. The comment is stored alongside the published form definition, not the form definition as you see it in Form Builder.  ↩

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