Monday, February 6, 2017

Form Builder embedding

Orbeon Forms has had a Java embedding API since version 4.7. This allows you to embed a form within a Java web application, including from a JSP page.

Starting Orbeon Forms 2016.3,  in addition to published forms, you can also embed Form Builder in the same way: just use orbeon and builder as Form Runner application and form names.

The following features are supported:

  • Creating a new form definition.
  • Editing an existing form definition.
  • Testing the form definition.
  • Saving and publishing the form definition.

The embedding application can set the size the embedded Form Builder <div> element via CSS or JavaScript, and Form Builder will adjust its size accordingly. It is better to pick a fairly large minimal width and height as Form Builder just takes some space!

Note that the Form Builder "New" and "Summary" buttons are hidden when Form Builder is embedded, as navigating between pages is not yet supported when embedding.

For more, see the documentation. We hope you will like this new feature!

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