Monday, April 24, 2017

Improved constraints on attachments uploads

Until Orbeon Forms 2016.3, there was only one way of controlling attachment constraints: via a single, global property. So you could say that that the maximum file attachment upload size was 100 MB, and that would apply to all attachments in all forms.

The upcoming Orbeon Forms 2017.1 provides a lot more flexibility, allowing you to set:
  • The maximum file size for a given attachment field
  • The maximum aggregate size for all the attachment fields on a given form
  • The supported file types for either a given attachment field or all the attachment fields in a form
For each one of those, you can:
  • Define a default, through properties. You can set that default to apply to all the forms in a Form Runner application, or to a specific form.
  • Override the default through the Form Builder UI.
Per-control settings allow you to specify for example that a given attachment must be a text file, and that another attachment on the same form has a maximum attachment size of 2 MB (less than the default). Such settings are specified in the "Control Settings" dialog:

Per-application and per-form settings can be specified as usual via properties or, in the case of per-form settings, directly in Form Builder's "Form Settings" dialog:

Finally, the maximum aggregate attachment size allows you to specify, for example, that for a given form being filled by a user at most 50 MB of attachments can be provided, no matter how many attachment controls are in the form. This upper limit on the attachments provided helps prevent an undesired explosion of uploaded data, especially if you use repeated grids or sections that contain attachments.

We hope you will like these new features, which will be available in the upcoming Orbeon Forms 2017.1!

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