Thursday, May 4, 2017

More flexible email senders and recipients

Orbeon Forms allows you to send email, typically as part of a simple form data submission process: the user activates a "Submit" button, the data is saved or delivered to a service, and a confirmation email is sent to the user, a third-party, or both.

Email recipients are determined either by a configuration property, or by the content of form fields. Using form fields makes recipients dynamic: for example email addresses can be typed by the user directly, or selected via a dropdown, radio buttons or checkboxes. You can even use hidden form fields to load email addresses from services or internal HTTP headers.

Until now you could only control the actual email recipient (the "To:" email header). With Orbeon Forms 2017.1, you can in addition control the  Carbon Copy ("Cc:"), Blind Carbon Copy ("Bcc:"), and even the sender ("From:") email fields. For the latter, only one sender is used, since that's that most email software expects.

Like with "To:", you use properties or form fields selected directly in Form Builder:

We hope you'll like this enhancement, which will be available in Orbeon Forms 2017.1

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