Monday, November 5, 2018

Email templates

Orbeon Forms can send emails, typically as part of a “Send” or “Submit” process. [1] Such emails can contain text and attachments, including a PDF version of the form filled by the user.

So far, while Orbeon Forms offered quite a bit of flexibility as to the recipients of the emails, [2] the subject and body of the email were not as configurable as often desired.

The good news is that with Orbeon Forms 2018.1, the email subject and email body can now be dynamic. This means that they can be expressed in the form of templates, where elements in the templates can contain values from form controls or be calculated with a formulas. The template syntax is simple and used in other place in Form Builder as well.

In addition, instead of configuring the subject and email in configuration properties, you can now enter the email subject and body directly within Form Builder, in the “Email Settings” dialog. Each language can have separate subjects and bodies, and HTML emails are supported.

Dynamic email body
Dynamic email body
Dynamic email subject
Dynamic email subject

For more about email templates, see the documentation. We hope you will enjoy this feature of Orbeon Forms 2018.1!

  1. Processes in Orbeon Forms are configurable and can be associated with buttons that appear at the bottom of the form. For details, see Buttons and processes.  ↩

  2. Recipients can be statically defined or come from fields or selection controls in the form. For details, see Control settings.  ↩

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