Thursday, February 7, 2019

Orbeon Forms 2018.2.1 PE

Today we released Orbeon Forms 2018.2.1 PE. This update to Orbeon Forms 2018.2 PE contains bug-fixes and is recommended for all Orbeon Forms 2018.2 PE users.

This release addresses the following issues since Orbeon Forms 2018.2 PE:

Form Runner:
  • Regressions fixes
    • Occasionally getting empty page (#3893)
    • Can no longer add row in repeated grid if all iterations are removed (#3892)
    • Errors don't show on last page of wizard (#3889)
  • Persistence layer fixes
    • Saving fails for forms contains both a file attachment and encrypted field (#3931)
    • MySQL: enabling lease causes errors (#3866)
    • With MySQL 8, Error near `row_number FROM orbeon_i_current c, (select @rownum := 0) r` (#3864)
  • Date and Time fields fixes
    • Funny-looking date picker in repeated grid (#3888)
    • Occasional off-by-one error when storing date (#3907)
    • Date control does not switch to/from readonly (#3908)
    • Upon entering a partial date and tabbing out, the full date should show (#3906)
    • fr:date: entering letters shows the current date (#3877)
    • Date picker fails to appear when field is shown after the page loads (#3909)
    • Programmatically focusing on date control shows picker (#3874)
    • Embedding: new date picker is not positioned correctly (#3788)
    • Date picker vertical positioning to default to the bottom (#3924)
    • Readonly time field appears with (misaligned) icon (#3884)
  • Calculated values fixes
    • Calculated value not to be tabbable in view mode (#3917)
    • In view mode, calculated values don't wrap and the field heigh is too short (#3904)
    • Border for calculated value is too high and too wide (#3821)
  • Login page and user menu fixes
    • Login page hardcodes path to /orbeon context (#3876)
    • Support enter in username/password fields (#3918)
    • Center fields on login page (#3878)
    • User menu is narrower on Summary page (#3872)
  • Other fixes
    • "Initial data from service" attempts to migrate data even if response is empty (#3935)
    • Help resizes repeated grid in Bookshelf form (#3871)
    • Form metadata API doesn't return library forms unless user is admin (#3919)
    • Number field doesn't take "natural" width even with setting (#3881)
    • Natural/full width setting missing for US Phone Number (#3883)
    • Make `orbeonLoadedEvent` to fire once only (#3891)
    • Error when setting `oxf.xforms.sanitize` (#3882)
    • Incorrect test for form definition versioning (#3922)
Form Builder:
  • Form Builder always using natural field width (#3901)
  • fr:time component appears readonly in Form Builder (#3928)
  • Validation tab formatting issues (#3934)
  • Formula field is too narrow in Validation tab (#3932)
You can download the latest version of Orbeon Forms from the downloads page.

Don’t forget to grab a trial license for the PE version.

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We hope you enjoy this release!

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