Thursday, May 16, 2019

Summary page versioning support

Orbeon Forms supports versioning of form definitions. However, the behavior of the Summary page did not properly reflect that in a useful fashion.

Since Orbeon Forms 2018.2, when more than one form version is available, the Summary page now offers the user the choice of the version to access. This is important because different versions can behave like very different forms. This means that the search fields and the columns containing data can vary between form definitions.

Summary Page for version 1 of the form
Summary Page for version 2 of the form
When you change the form version using the dropdown selector, the Summary page automatically reloads the appropriate data from the database and updates the grids and search fields.

When navigating from the detail page to the Summary page, the appropriate version is also automatically loaded.

We hope you will like this Orbeon Forms 2018.2 feature. For more, see the documentation.

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