Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Paging large repeated sections

Orbeon Forms 2018.2 introduced synchronized master-detail views. This is a powerful feature which helps form author and end-users alike deal with large forms. So far, however, all the repetitions of the details were presented on a single wizard page. If there is a lot of information to capture in each detail or a lot of items to repeat, the resulting page can still become very large.

Orbeon Forms 2019.1 introduces an improvement to this feature: it allows each individual detail to show on a separate wizard page. This makes it easier for the user as there is less information presented on each wizard page. In addition, you can configure a custom repetition label for use by the wizard's table of contents.

In the example below, you can see that the wizard's table of contents reflects the list of travelers. It does so automatically and updates as you add, remove, move, or update items in the master view.

Master View with Synchronized Table of Contents
You configure the repetition label direction in Form Builder, with a new "Repetition Label" section setting. The label can be dynamic and make use of fields within the given iteration. Here we include the traveler's name in the label.

Custom Repetition Label
As a user, you navigate to each detail separately. Here, you can start with Alice, but you can as well start with Bob since every detail is independent from the other.

Traveler Detail

When using strict validated navigation, all the details need to be filled before the user can navigate to the next section, here "Confirmation".

For more details, see the documentation:

We hope you will like this Orbeon Forms 2019.1 feature!

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