Tuesday, November 5, 2019

New layout choices for PDF and browser views

Form Runner produces automatic PDF files in US letter portrait format by default. It is possible, with custom CSS, to change that default, but this is not extremely convenient.

With the upcoming Orbeon Forms 2019.2, you can set the PDF page size and orientation directly with the Form Builder Form Settings, or with configuration properties.

PDF Options showing a landscape A4 PDF output format
Page sizes can be US letter, A4, and US legal. The page orientation can be portrait or landscape. The latter is particularly useful for forms that require a wider layout - which takes us to another new, related feature.

So far, the Form Runner form layout has been fixed. That is, the form takes a fixed width even if you have a wider browser window. This is true whether you use the wizard view or not. With this new setting, you can opt for a fluid form width, where the form takes all the width available in the browser window. This works with or without the wizard view, as well as in the view mode.

View Options showing the choice of a fluid width
When choosing the fluid width, Form Builder also shows the form being edited with a fluid width, which makes it easier to edit forms that require a wider view.

We hope you will like these new Orbeon Forms features!

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